Antoine D

I went in for my annual eye exam and tests to get my routine prescription update so I could order my lenses from my regular online vendor. While going through the eye charts, Dr. Idrizovic asked if any of my prior examiners inquired into why my right eye was weaker. I said no, and that I just had a stronger prescription for that eye. I also told her that I still needed readers in low light to see, like in restaurants. She told me I shouldn't need readers, I'd just been using the wrong contacts. She gave me a pair of toric lenses to try, turned the lights down and gave me a chart with tiny type to read. My first impulse was to squint, but I quickly realized I didn't have to! In fact, I could read the small print on labels across the room. And to top it off they matched my vendor's price for Acuvue Oasys lenses. No more readers and the expense of replacing lost pairs for me. I haven't been able to see this clearly in years!"