Amie McCarthy

This was my first time visiting this facility and I will absolutely be returning. I went to see Dr. I for an annual eye exam, after going to a chain for years. Not only did she correct my prescription which was a bit off, but she told me more information about proper care for my eyes than I had been told in the past. She was very friendly and personable, and explained everything. Once the eye exam was over I went out to pick out new frames and Dahlia was exceptionally helpful. She put up with my rejecting frame after frame until we found the perfect pair for sun glasses and eye glasses. Dr. I even came out and was helping out! The prices were high but that was only because of the frames I picked out and the brand. I saw some frames starting at $199. The customer service was great, both Dahlia and the other girl working there (did not get her name), and the space was clean, sleek and very trendy. I will absolutely be recommending this business to friends! Furthermore, my insurance was exceptionally difficult to deal with. The staff kept me informed as to what was going on and did everything they could for me including calling the insurance co. daily , keeping me in the loop, and finally putting me first as a customer over the insurance company. HIGHLY recommend!