Eye Exams, Ocular Diagnosis, and Treatments

At All Eye Care Doctors, we strive to use our medical  expertise and the latest technological advancements to provide our clients with the comprehensive care they need and deserve. In addition to helping our patients enhance their vision, we also work with each individual to address other components of their overall ocular health.

Eye care directly correlates with your general health, which is why our eye doctors are trained to diagnose many general health conditions during your eye examinations. We know that your health and well-being is about more than good eye sight; with our advanced diagnostic testing, we are able to help make sure our patients are always their healthiest.

We employ the latest advanced medical diagnostic tools and approaches to provide quality eye care to every patient we see.


eye-xamEye Exams

At All Eye Care Doctors, we perform comprehensive eye exams and always welcome walk-ins! We strive to make the All Eye Care Doctors eye exam experience unique.  We are committed to providing the most personalized care possible by listening to all your concerns and balancing them with a multi-step diagnosis approach. You will find that our doctors are committed to providing the highest quality care possible and refuse to treat patients as a number in a long waiting line. Unlike chains, we do everything possible to insure you are seen by the same doctor at every visit to, for a consistent care experience. We believe the best care is provided when the doctor knows the patient’s eye care history in depth through long term relationships. The All Eye Care Doctors’ eye exam is tailored to fit your exact needs. Our highly experienced staff combines medical experience with state-of-the-art equipment to insure exceptional service and detailed results.


fundus imaging and retinal healthFundus Imaging and Retinal Health

A fundus imaging is the creation of a digital image of the interior surface of the eye, including the retina, optic disc, macula, and posterior pole (i.e. the fundus). This technology allows us to evaluate the peripheral retinal health WITHOUT the use of blurring, burning eye drops. At every annual eye exam we track and compare the images to prior years and analyze the progressions and not any abnormal changes to the retinal health.


corneal mappingCorneal Mapping

Mapping of the surface of the cornea allows very early detection of genetic abnormalities that may require special care to maintain eye health and also determine whether a patient is a good candidate for laser surgery or corneal reshaping. It enhances the ability to fit regular contacts more successfully notably for patients with irregular corneas.


visual field testVisual Field Test

A visual field test is an eye examination that can detect dysfunction in central and peripheral vision which may be caused by various medical conditions such as glaucoma, stroke, brain tumours or other neurological deficits. We use the latest equipment and technology to perform this test.


dry-eye-picDry Eye Treatments 

Patients who have issues with dry eyes may have developed problems from LASIK surgery, contact lenses or from systematic problems such as Sjogren’s Syndrome. Dry eyes can be irritating and disruptive to your every day life. We help patients improve their daily ocular comfort and combat dry eye issues with a number of advanced treatment solutions such as medical treatments and punctual plugs.


red-eye-picRed Eyes

Relief from red or pink eyes is just a phone call away at All Eye Care Doctors. Typically patients with pink, red or painful eyes are dealing with an infection, bacterial build up or other serious condition, so we welcome these patients in for same day appointments. No matter what is the cause of red eye irritation, we are here to help.


comp-eyeComputer Vision Syndrome

Staring excessively at computer screens and other digital devices may cause eye fatigue and discomfort. In addition, these screens emit “blue light” that can cause certain vision issues over the long run. This is called Computer Vision Syndrome. At our office, we provide advanced solutions for patients that are  specifically designed to reduce the harm of the “blue light” and ease their eye fatigue.


glaucoma-picGlaucoma Screening

The progressive ocular disease, Glaucoma, is a serious condition that can impact a person’s peripheral vision as they age. We offer advanced Glaucoma screening tools and diagnostic approaches to help catch the signs and symptoms of this disease early on.


lasik-picLASIK Vision Screening

LASIK (Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis) is the most common approach to refractive ocular surgery today and can help patients restore their vision without contacts or glasses. We provide LASIK vision screening services and offer an unbiased and educated opinion to our patients on the best procedures for eye enhancement. We can then recommend them to the right professional surgeon that will best fit their needs.