Contact Lenses



At All Eye Care Doctors, we offer a variety of services for patients including contact lenses (contacts) which include anything from regular soft to multifocal and specialty hard lenses and RGP. All of our contacts are offered for all ages, including kids.

We carry many of our contacts in-stock in order for our patients to get them on their eye exam visit. If needed, we also ship directly to our patients next day shipment. Order your contacts from us and we guarantee that you will get one of the most competitive prices in the market, including the major online retailers!

Our experts have extensive experience to get you outfitted with the exact specialty lenses that you need. We are experts in very specific specialties in contacts fittings including Keratoconic fits and other types of medical fittings. At our office we know that every patient is different and that different lifestyles require different type of contact lenses. Let us help you find the lenses to meet your needs today.

For example, we expertly fit the following types of contact lenses:

  • Spherical**
  • Astigmatic**
  • Bifocal**
  • Colored contacts
  • Overnight or “30 Day Night and Day” contacts
  • Dry Eye
  • Children
  • Post Lasik***
  • Cosmetic***
  • Medically necessary contacts; i.e. Keratoconic fits or other types of irregular corneas***

** These come in daily, biweekly, and monthly.
*** At All Eye Care Doctors, we are proud to offer these services that many of our competitors do not!

Contact lenses provide improved eye sight without compromising peripheral vision. Using the latest medical technologies, there have been several new enhancements in the contact lens market and flexible new prescribing options available to patients.

We understand that different patients may require different types of contact lenses to best fit their needs. This is why we help our customers get outfitted with all types of contacts including regular soft, toric, and even hard lenses. We also offer a number of other contact lens related services for our clients.

KeratoconusKeratoconus or Irregular Cornea Contact Lenses

Unlike our competitors, at All Eye Care Doctors we specialize in fitting difficult contact lenses such as Keratoconus lenses. These help with the treatment of Keratoconus which is a serious condition that involves the progressive thinning of the cornea. Contact lenses are the preferred treatment for this disease. Our team has the expertise to provide patients with the lenses they need to improve the blurred vision that comes with Keratoconus. Any patient with irregular corneas from this or related conditions will finally be able to wear lenses with comfort with our specialty products.


Multifocal Contact Lenses

Presbyopia is a condition that patients over age of 40 typically experience. If you are tired of wearing readers or your regular contacts in addition to readers, come and experience our bifocal/multifocal contact lenses. These services are now available for those who need assistance with near vision/reading. There are a variety of multifocal lens options available to fit patients with all types of visual concerns and I am sure we will be able to find what you need.


Post Refractive Surgery Fittings

Many patients come to us after dealing with complications relating to refractive surgeries. Many times patients who are unable to attain 20/20 vision after surgery will require special contact lenses to regain their eye sight. We can help our patient attain the functional vision they desire after their refractive surgery with advanced, custom design lenses.


Cosmetic Contact Lenses

At All Eye Care Doctors, we understand that many times contact lenses are not only needed for vision enhancement, but for cosmetic reasons as well. This is why we are able to fit patients with cosmetic contact lenses. Whether patients want color contact lenses or prosthetic contacts for corneal scars or misshapen pupils; we offer a variety of solutions.

There are several advanced contact lens solutions available for those who require contact lenses. Contact our professionals to learn more about the contact lens solutions that may work for you.